• Music Links

    Green To Think - My main project!
    Colby Miller - Great Singer/songwriter project i'm working on right now!
    Honeyface - Fronted by Katie Burtnick.  Great ROCKIN female fronted band!
    Chris Smith - Bass player for Green To Think
    James DeRose - My personal hero because he designs my website, fixes my computers,
    and rocks hard at guitar and bass.
    Pat Burns - Great composer and conductor that I've done work with (including Carnegie Hall) over the years and great site
    Dona Oxford - queen of the boogie woogie whom I have done some gigs
    Meggan Mahoney - Singer/Songwriter in the NJ/NYC Area.  I produced, mixed, and mastered
    her current EP.
    Kristin Cifelli - amazing singer/songwriter with who I have had the pleasure of working with. Great CD.
    Kyler - another amazing singer/songwriter I have had the pleasure of working with. Another great CD.
    Erik Lawrence - one of my favorite sax players. You have to see this page and catch an upcoming show!
    Chris Barron - Spin Doctors lead singer who I've had the pleasure of hangin with a few times. Erik plays with him too.
     Glen Phillips - Lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket now with a great solo career.

  • Percussion Lesson links

Cyber Drum page
The Drum Club
Salsa Dictionary

  • Adventure

Mazz's Adventure Page! - my boy Mazz's page full of adventure and great stuff! Go there now!