9/1/2004 - Honeyface is on the move
Honeyface has been steadily rehearsing and is currently booking gigs for the fall. Honeyface is Katie Burtnick taking the guitar and singing and songwriting duties, James Derose on guitar, Jay Baker of GTT tour fame on bass and me on drums. We have a 3 song EP out recorded and produced by James and I that is available at shows and the website will be up and running ASAP. Check back for show dates!

         8/15/2004 - Mixing project for Parkway South!
New recordings Parkway South have been given to me to mix. It's an honor to be able to mix for a couple of guys I've known for a long time and that are such talented writers. I'll let you know when the CD comes out!

         8/1/2004 - New Fake Chapter Compilation and Fake Player
The new compilation from Green To Think's record label Fake Chapter Records is out and it includes 2 Green To Think songs one of which is We Are Stars. This also includes some other great bands like The House Lights (formerly 4 Minute Mile) and The Trauma Queens. Hit up Fake Chapter's website and try to get the comp. While you're there, check ot the Fake Player .

         7/15/2004 - Joined up with Singer/Songwriter Colby Miller
James Derose and I have teamed up with Colby Miller for some great headlining gigs at the Bitter End. We're really happy to be playing with him. He has a great solo EP out that is available at shows.

         2/3/2003 - New Recordings are up on the SOUNDS page!
New recordings from Meggan Mahoney and Katie Burtnick are up on the sounds page.  Check them out along with all of the other sounds on that page.

         Green To Think Reviewed on Deleware ROCKS!
Check out this review my band Green To Think got on Deleware ROCKS!.

         New Gigs Lined Up With Meggan Mahoney
4 gigs are lined up with singer/songwriter Meggan Mahoney at the Lamp Post in Jersey City.  Meggan will be accompanied by Ken on hand drums / percussion and James DeRose on guitar.  The Lamp post is on the corner of 2nd ave. and Brunswick in Jersey city.  Show starts around 9:30pm!  All ages!

         Green To Think Record Release Party!
Friday, May 31st at Maxwells in Hoboken.  Try to get there early because it will sell out fast!  For more info, go to Greentothink.com or Maxwells.com.

         New Recordings are up on the SOUNDS page
Check out the completed sounds page.  It includes mp3 clips from Groove Factor 5, Suva, No Chaser, and a clip of Ken playing with Enzo and the Bakers!  Go check it out now!

         It's Christmas Eve
Hope you all liked the Green to Think song It's Christmas Eve.   If you still haven't heard it, click here for an automatic download. 

         New Recordings
I have several recordings that I am involved in right now. Suva (remember? the bad ass percussion group?) has finally laid down the tracks for our upcoming release even though we aren't together anymore.   I also have a recording with singer/guitarist Paul Gargiulo in post-production right now and it ROCKS. The new Green to Think EP is also going into post production very soon and also rocks the house!

         Gigs and me on TV???
Green to Think recently headlined at Maxwell's to a really great enthusiastic crowd.  We were also filmed the following Friday the 25th at The Elbow Room because we are being featured on a Long Island television show Access Central TV (AccessCentralTV.com) .  When we know when the show is going to be on, so will you! The crowd that night was probably the best we’ve ever played to. For now though, we are taking a little break for some lineup changes and to get the EP done and we'll be back strong before you know it!

         Web Hosting Available!
All you bands out there that need web hosting, email me!  We're offering hosting SUPER CHEAP!  We're not selling space, it's more like you're contributing to defer the cost of the server.  Contact me for more info!



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